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Welcome back!

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to school! Here we are again ready to start this school year. Ready for the English sessions? We are pleased to introduce our new team of teachers: Lucía will be teaching the little ones, these are students in P5 and 1st grade; Maria will be with 3rd and 5th graders and Sandra will be teaching in 2nd, 4th and 6th grade. We hope you all have fun in our classes and learn a lot of English! See you all very soon!

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poem: thrird grade

Christmas carols

3rd Grade - In the Jungle!

3rd Graders have become real experts in the study of animals in the jungle. I’m sure they are able to complete all the activities below! Enjoy yourselves!
Click here to read the story, listen to the songs and play games!

4th Grade- A Real Cowboy

Students in 4th grade are now working the ACTIVITIES and their favourite type of sport. Do you like sport? Do you like canoeing or playing hockey or horse riding?  Are you a real cowboy? Read, listen and have fun with the story of Texas Tom and his friend Sue-Ellen.

Here you have two more activities to review the unit.


Last Wednesday we all had a fabulous day in our school. We organized 3 shows in English in only one day!!! It's been the first time that a company uses our new theatre and everything turned out so well;) Our students laughed so much and they had a really good time. And the most important thing, they understood the English and learned a lot of vocabulary and structures.
1st and 2nd graders watched "Georgina and the Dragon". They had so much fun with the dragon’s roaring!

3rd and 4th graders watched "Tarzan", who eventually washed his body with the help of the animals in the jungle.

And last but not least, 5th and 6th graders, who watched "Treasure Island", the famous story by R.L.Stevenson.

The actors and actresses that performed the three plays were very happy to act in our school for the first time and congratulated our students for their participation and behaviour during the shows.
Thank you to everybody who made it possible.
Teachers MMM


We celebrate Halloween in our school as part of the cultural contents in the English curriculum. Students learn songs, poems and cultural facts about Halloween during the previous days to our expected Halloween party.
This year, the festival has been amazing, as it always has been! The little ones enjoyed a magnificient set on the scene: a show about three witches boiling weird ingredients in a cauldron, and students from 4th grade onwards played some entertaining games inspired on Halloween and organized by our 6th graders. As every year, we all together ended up the celebration with our traditional Halloween dance in the playground. Most kids dressed up in amazing costumes some of which were really, really scary!!!

Click here to see the complete photo album!