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We celebrate Halloween in our school as part of the cultural contents in the English curriculum. Students learn songs, poems and cultural facts about Halloween during the previous days to our expected Halloween party.
This year, the festival has been amazing, as it always has been! The little ones enjoyed a magnificient set on the scene: a show about three witches boiling weird ingredients in a cauldron, and students from 4th grade onwards played some entertaining games inspired on Halloween and organized by our 6th graders. As every year, we all together ended up the celebration with our traditional Halloween dance in the playground. Most kids dressed up in amazing costumes some of which were really, really scary!!!

Click here to see the complete photo album!

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Welcome back everyone!

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to school and welcome to a new year in our English classroom.
We are pleased to introduce you our TEAM OF ENGLISH. This year we are four teachers: Monica, who will be teaching English to our students in P5 with the help of our favourite monkey; Jasmina, the teacher for 1st graders; Maria, who will have 2nd and 4th graders; and finally Sandra, teacher in 3rd, 5th and 6th Grade.
We would like to encourage you to visit our blog from time to time. We will upload some interesting materials - photos, videos, weblinks, games and so on- to keep on working the contents we learn in class.

See you all soon!!!


Hello everyone. Here you have the last story of the course The robber's clothes. Enjoy it!

Click here to play games and to revise all the units of the course.
Have fun!

The last message of Cheeky...

Today, Cheeky has told us "Good bye".... we were very sad... but suddenly, inside his house, we have seen a fantastic present for us! Cheeky has given us, some puppets! So we can remember Cheeky Monkey forever!!!
Thank you Cheeky for telling us all the stories!

2nd graders - The very busy spider theatre!

Hi everyone!

This days, we have been learning some new vocabulary from a story called: The Very Busy Spider, of Eric Carle.
We liked so much, so we decided to represent it!!! Well done students!

Enjoy it!

2n A

2n B

1st grade - We all go travelling by

Hello everyone! First graders are learning some means of transport with this enjoyable song. Watch the video and sing along!


Do you like eggs or bananas? Do aliens like earth food? No, they don't. They only like space food! Children in 3rd grade are learning to talk about food, what they like and what they don't, along with this amazing story about aliens in the Earth! Now it's time to revise with the following activities:

ACTIVITIES:  Food vocabularyTrue or false?